K100 Sodium Hypochlorite Available Chlorine Online

K100 Sodium Hypochlorite Available Chlorine Online

Short Description:

K100 can automatically monitor the available chlorine content in the finished sodium hypochlorite solution and the sodium hypochlorite generator,and also monitor the working condition of sodium hypochlorite generator and the decay of sodium hypochlorite original solution in time.




Used for online monitoring of available chlorine content in sodium hypochlorite.

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Stable and Accurate

Built-in strictly calibrated standard curve to ensure the stability and accuracy of test results. The common substances such as sodium chloride and sodium chlorate in sodium hypochlorite solution will not affect the test results.

No Reagents Required, Real-time Monitoring

Built-in sample pump, support zero-pressure automatic aspiration, without any reagents, greatly reducing the detection cost; real-time online monitoring of the available chlorine content of sodium hypochlorite, automatic analysis and calculation and direct display of readings, and timely feedback of the detection situation.

Low Maintenance Costs, Maintenance-free at Scheduled Intervals.

Preset parameter program module, fully automatic cleaning, zeroing and testing, built-in standard calculation formula, low chemical consumption, low maintenance, low operating cost, and free of manual intervention in the cycle.

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  •   Available chlorine(LR) Available chlorine(HR)
    Range 500-20000mg/L 2.00-15.00%
    Resolution 1mg/L 0.01%
    Accuracy ≤5%
    Method Molecular spectroscopy
    DdimensionDimension (L×W×H) 550 × 420 × 210mm
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