Lab Instruments

  • US-Series Intelligent Safe Reactor

    US-Series Intelligent Safe Reactor

    The US-type safe intelligent digestion reactor adopts the independent unit design of the operation area and the digestion area, and the reactor provide up to 8 parallel digestion units, supporting each digestion unit to work independently and simultaneously.

  • TA-302 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer

    TA-302 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer

    TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer brings customers a brand new choice with the characteristics of simplicity, speed, accuracy, etc. It is suitable for water plants, food plants, hospitals, sewage plants, breeding centers, aquaculture, sterilized septic tanks, etc. Laboratory standard testing of available chlorine in chlorination disinfection, and testing of available chlorine content in finished sodium hypochlorite solution and sodium hypochlorite solution produced by sodium hypochlorite generator.

  • TC-01 Water Digital Titrator

    TC-01 Water Digital Titrator

    The traditional titration analysis process usually includes reagent preparation, manual titration and manual calculation, the analysis result will be easy influence by human factors , so the requirements for operators are relatively high! TC – 01 Water Digital Titrator ,special designed for laboratory ,matching special finished titration reagent, without too much glassware, can easily complete titration analysis process.

  • D-50 Automatic Diluter

    D-50 Automatic Diluter

    Dilution operation is a common chemical experiment operation, which is often used to prepare standard curve series solutions, or to prepare high-concentration solutions into low-concentration solutions.

  • S-18 Safe Reactor

    S-18 Safe Reactor

    The S-18 safe Reactor adopts a dual lock integrated metal protective cover and anti-corrosion digestion tank, which can anti liquid, anti debris splashing, and explosion-proof , fully ensuring the safety of the digestion process.with a portable handle design, it is very convenient for outdoor on-site use.

  • TA-60 Intelligent Multi-function Water Analyzer

    TA-60 Intelligent Multi-function Water Analyzer

    TA-60 is a automatic Intelligent Multi-function water analyzer,it can analyze most of items which can be analyzed by the visible spectrophotometer. Combined Intelligent software with automatic function realized the automation for sampling, colorimetric analysis, calculation, quality control and cleaning. Thus it increases the testing efficiency and reduces the influence of human factor,which makes the analysis work become unprecedented convenient and reliable .

  • H-9000S Heavy Metal Security Scanner

    H-9000S Heavy Metal Security Scanner

    H-9000S combines the Anodic stripping voltammetry with the intelligent analysis software,making the scanning more safe and quickly,you can know whether the heavy metal in the drinking water are excessive within one hour.

  • TA-98 UV Visible Spectrophotometer

    TA-98 UV Visible Spectrophotometer

    The fully upgraded TA-98 UV-Visible spectrophotometer is an intelligent, automatic photometer with a built-in powerful computer that automates the injection, colorimetric, calculate, QC and cleaning automation. Powerful QC functions achieve to monitor the operation, simple and direct operation of the program achieve to switch the “flow pool” and “cuvette” mode, the perfect combination of tradition and modern. It effectively improves the efficiency of the detection work, and greatly reduces the impact of human factors on the results of the analysis.