Application in Shenzhen Shenshui Baoan Water Group Guanlan Qiankeng Water Plant Laboratory

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Application in Shenzhen Shenshui Baoan Water Group Guanlan Qiankeng Water Plant Laboratory

Shenzhen Guanlan Xikeng Water Plant is a modern water plant with a daily water supply capacity of 150,000 cubic meters built and put into operation in 2006. The plant-level inspection is very strict. The physical and chemical items that need to be inspected include: turbidity, chlorine dioxide, pH, chroma, Smell and taste, visible matter, CODMn, total hardness, iron, manganese, chloride, fluoride, total alkalinity, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, sulfate, etc. 17 items. The original routine physical and chemical inspection required 3 laboratory technicians and 180 square meters of operating space.

They integrated the laboratories, After adjustment, the plant-level physical and chemical inspection of Xikeng Water Plant fully adopted Tsinghua’s trace automatic inspection solution. The physical and chemical laboratory is only equipped with a  trace automatic analyzer and a device, a Q-CL501 portable residual chlorine dioxide chlorine dioxide five-parameter tester and a turbidimeter can easily meet the requirements of factory-level physical and chemical inspection. Not only that, on the premise of meeting the basic requirements of factory-level inspection,SINSCHE’s trace automated inspection solution has added 8 new items: hexavalent chromium, aluminum, cyanide, arsenic, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, CODCr, etc. , Increased the detection capacity of physical and chemical items of the entire laboratory to 25 items.

The actual use shows that it only takes 1 person to complete the 17 index tests with quality control samples in 50 minutes, and there is no need to prepare reagents, and there is basically no cleaning of utensils after the test. In the blind sample assessment of chloride and CODMn issued by the group, the analysts of Guanlan Xikeng Water Plant applied the trace automatic inspection technology of SINSCHE to accurately and easily realize the blind sample assessment.

Post time: Mar-08-2023