Micro automated analysis technology


Micro automated analysis technology

The micro-automatic analysis technology is based on the classic chemical analysis principles, and makes full use of modern microchips and highly intelligent software to bring ordinary routine analysis from constant analysis to the era of micro-analysis.

The core value of micro-automatic analysis technology is to optimize conventional detection technology. The purpose of micro-analysis is to effectively reduce the necessary amount of analysis objects, thereby reducing the loss of corresponding reagents to achieve the purpose of cost saving and low-carbon environmental protection; and the purpose of so-called automation is Reduce the error of human interference, reduce labor burden, and improve work efficiency.

Advantages of micro automated analysis technology

In general chemical analysis methods, we are divided into constant, semi-micro, trace and trace analysis according to the size of the injection volume. With the development of science and technology, our daily detection items can be solved by the analysis method of trace or even trace. Analytical techniques such as atomic absorption and ion chromatography, but detection instruments based on these analytical techniques are often expensive and complex to operate, making it difficult to be widely popularized in primary laboratories. Micro-automated analysis technology breaks the bottleneck of traditional detection The perfect combination of automation has opened up a new era of detection and analysis. So what are the advantages of analyzers based on micro-automated analysis technology?


Economy and environmental protection

The micro-automatic analyzer combined with its special micro-detection kit can effectively reduce the detection cost and reduce the amount of waste liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of economy and environmental protection. First, the amount of samples and reagents is reduced in proportion to the principle of the national standard method, and the amount of reagents is reduced without affecting the test results, thereby saving test costs; secondly, the use of micro-test kits not only can be used on demand, It avoids the waste caused by reagent expiration, and saves the cost of purchasing volumetric flasks and other conventional consumables. Moreover, the detection process combines the concept of micro-volume, and the amount of waste liquid is effectively controlled, thus realizing a true green detection.


Simple and accurate

The micro-automatic analyzer adopts a control system of automatic sampling, automatic color comparison, automatic calculation, and automatic cleaning, which minimizes errors caused by human interference, simplifies the operation process and improves the accuracy of the analysis results. At the same time, with the ready-to-use microanalysis kit, it greatly reduces the unstable factors introduced by the staff in the process of preparing the analysis reagents, and effectively guarantees the reliability of the analysis results. The built-in standard curve and quality control functions of the instrument also improve the confidence of the analysis results.


③Security and stability

The functional technology of automatic sampling and automatic cleaning effectively reduces the risk of operators contacting toxic chemical reagents. The well-designed microanalysis kit and the standard pipetting device bring safety and standardization that cannot be achieved by traditional detection modes. Comparable.

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