Shenzhen Water Group’s water quality online detection technology application cooperation

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Longhua Xikeng Water Plant is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Water Affairs Group. It is a modern water plant with a daily water supply of 200,000 cubic meters, serving nearly 4 million people in Longhua with daily water. As a high-standard modern water plant, Longhua Xikeng Water Plant implements strict water quality management standards for factory water. The internal control index of turbidity of factory water is below 0.2NTU, the pH is stable at around 7.3, the chromaticity is controlled below 1 degree, and the residual chlorine is controlled. Between 0.6 and 1.0mg/L. In order to ensure that the quality of factory water reaches the standard, Longhua Xikeng Water Plant strictly manages and controls the whole process of water production. In addition to arranging 24-hour on-duty management for raw water teams, process teams, and factory water teams; Then, before and after filtration, the factory water is subjected to 24-hour online water quality testing, and high-standard water quality management requirements are met by using high-precision online testing equipment.

Sinsche K600 water quality online analysis system has been recognized by the water plant personnel since it was put into operation in Longhua Water Plant . The equipment adopts a modular design and meets the standard national standard chemical method detection principle. One device can complete the detection of turbidity and chromaticity , Free chlorine, pH, ammonia nitrogen and other items, based on the highly automated cleaning and calibration functions of the equipment itself, greatly reduces the workload of equipment maintenance, and truly realizes manual maintenance-free within the scheduled one month.

In addition, Longhua Xikeng Water Plant is also exploring intelligent water production process management. The variable correlation online detection project, which is currently cooperating with Shenzhen Sinsche Technology Co., Ltd., aims to pass advanced intelligent correlation and intelligent variable projects. The testing technology solves various testing needs such as long-term monitoring, additional testing when necessary, and low-frequency spot check rechecking testing in the process of water production and water quality supervision, so as to achieve more effective control and management of the water production process.

Post time: Mar-28-2023