The application of SINSCHE micro-automation solution in the scientific research project of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Rural Safe Drinking Water Guarantee Technical Project

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"Drinking Water Hygienic Standards" (GB/T5749-2006) has been promulgated and implemented for many years. Most of the large and medium-sized water plants and health departments in relatively economically developed areas in the country are implementing the national standards and applying the "Drinking Water Hygienic Standard Inspection Method" ( GB/T5750-2006) is relatively good, because many methods in the national standard testing methods either require expensive imported instruments or require very professional operating skills, making the application and implementation of the vast number of rural grassroots small water plants and grassroots water quality testing institutions difficult. Many difficulties. In view of the status quo of rural water supply, one of the national "Eleventh Five-Year" science and technology support plan projects "Rural Safe Water Supply Water Quality Inspection and Waterborne Disease Monitoring Technology and Equipment Development" focuses on research suitable for rural small-scale centralized water supply (1000m3/d) water quality inspection Equipment and technical methods, and propose a complete set of simple and easy inspection methods and equipment that are consistent with the national standard inspection methods. The subject was organized and undertaken by the Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The research team Evaluate that the water quality analysis solution of SINSCHE micro-automation technology is very suitable for popularization in grass-roots testing institutions, and specially invites this solution to be included in the subject content, and the annual summary report of the subject organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology  At the meeting, "Sinsche micro automation technology water quality analysis solution" was one of the important parts of the project. At the report meeting, the review experts warmly applauded and praised, and gave unanimous affirmation.

Post time: Mar-14-2023