The application of Sinshce micro automation technology in mariculture research has obvious advantages

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The breeding research base of the School of Oceanology and Environment of Xiamen University, located in Dongshan Island, is a place to study the cultivation of high-end seafood. In the past, the rapid measurement colorimetric box was used for detection, but the data error was too large; However, the establishment of standard laboratories is limited by site conditions. In order to obtain reliable water quality research data, they have done a multi-party comparison of foreign and domestic products,Sinsche‘s Visible spectrophotometer was finally purchased, and the SINSCHE micro-automatic solution was adopted as the detection means of the aquaculture research project.

The main application projects of Visible spectrophotometer in the research base include: ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, sulfide, CODMn, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, hexavalent chromium, dissolved oxygen, etc. With the use of SINSCHE IRK and enterprise reference standard, the rapid and accurate detection of multi-frequency and multi-project can be realized without the need for reagents, balances and other necessary items in conventional laboratories.

Post time: Mar-08-2023