Xiamen Municipal Health Supervision Department launched a special rectification of the secondary water supply

There are nearly 1,910 secondary water supply facilities in Xiamen, involving more than 1.6 million residents using secondary water supply. In order to strengthen the supervision and management of the secondary water supply sanitation in Xiamen City and ensure the safety of residents' water use, the health supervision departments of Xiamen City's various districts have been equipped with water quality analyzers and on-site testing of the disinfectant, pH, turbidity, chromaticity and other items of the secondary water supply water samples Carry out supervision and random inspection.

The Xiamen health supervision department adopts the T series water quality analyzer because it is a professional water quality analysis instrument with powerful functions and reliable performance. It integrates conventional water quality indicators such as turbidity, color, disinfectant, and pH, and is very convenient to carry; and The detection method conforms to the national standard, the detection speed is fast, and the result is accurate.

Post time: Mar-21-2023