Online Instruments

  • K600 Water Online Analyzer

    K600 Water Online Analyzer

    K600 on line system adopt the latest multiple module flow analysis technology, simple & smooth system framework, less test sample and reagent consumption, stable and reliable system. It is module design, test items are highly integrated in one system. The test item covers all the conventional index in water plant and drinking water public health, especially for the disinfectant (chlorine, chlorine dioxide, reactive oxygen and even ozone, etc.), all can realize on line monitoring. To meet the need of customers’ requirement, we design many sets of item combination, which aim to provide customer with most professional & reliable on-line detection & monitoring one-step solution.

  • K100 Sodium Hypochlorite Available Chlorine Online

    K100 Sodium Hypochlorite Available Chlorine Online

    K100 can automatically monitor the available chlorine content in the finished sodium hypochlorite solution and the sodium hypochlorite generator,and also monitor the working condition of sodium hypochlorite generator and the decay of sodium hypochlorite original solution in time.