Q-O3-02/Q-O3-01 Ozone Portable Colorimeter

Q-O3-02/Q-O3-01 Ozone Portable Colorimeter

Short Description:

Ozone portable colorimeter is established based on the selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation generated by the reaction of ozone and the color developing agent in the water sample, and the content of ozone in the tested sample can be directly displayed on the LCD screen. design for testing the residual ozone in drinking water and waste water,which can be widely used in field work and laboratory and other areas.




Ozone portable colorimeter is special desigened for testing the ozone in the drinking water and waste water, it’s widely used in the field of urban water supply, food and beverage, environmental, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermal power, paper making, farming, bio-engineering, fermentation technology, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical, water treatment and other water quality site rapid testing or laboratory standards detection.

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Small size, light weight and very easy to operate and maintain,with a special carrying case, it is very convenient to take to the filed work.

Small amount of samples and reagents, fast analysis speed (only 3 minutes to measure a sample),

Time and cost saving with the ready reagents ,it reduces the chance of personnel contacting chemicals, make the testing work become more safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

No moving parts, high sensitivity and perfect specificity with lower interference.make the result more stable.

Pulse power supply, low power consumption, Can work continuously for a long time, worry-free and environmentally friendly.


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  • Testing items Ozone
    Testing range Q-03-02:0.01-10.0mg/L
    Precision ±3%
    Testing Method Q-03-02: DPD spectrophotometry
    Q-03-01: Indigo spectrophotometry
    Weight 150g
    Standard USEPA (20th edition)
    Power supply Two AA batteries
    Dimension (L×W×H) 160 x 62 x 30mm


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