Q-3N Ammonia Nitrogen&Nitrate Nitrogen&Nitrite Nitrogen Portable Colorimeter

Q-3N Ammonia Nitrogen&Nitrate Nitrogen&Nitrite Nitrogen Portable Colorimeter

Short Description:

It is the first kind of portable instrument which can test ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen at the same time in the domestic market. The testing results will help you analyze the pollution level and the self-purification ability of the water.




It can be used for fast test and laboratory standard test of water quality in many fields such as city water supply, pharmacy, food industry and so on.


Configured design makes it can test the concentration of the three kinds of nitrogen rapidly. It is easy to analyze the water quality in the field work with this instrument.

The pre-matched reagents makes it convenient to test the corresponding items, and no excess tools are needed.

Default and customized calibration curve makes the results accurate.

It is equipped with a liquid waste vase which makes the testing simple and environmental.

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  • Testing items Ammonia Nitrogen&Nitrate Nitrogen&Nitrite Nitrogen
    Testing range Ammonia nitrogen 0.02-6.00mg/L
    Nitrate nitrogen 0.5-10.0mg/L
    Nitrite nitrogen 0.01-0.50mg/L
    Precision ±3%
    Testing Method Ammonia nitrogen:Nessler reagent spectrophotometery
    Nitrate nitrogen:Thymol spectrophotometery
    Nitrite nitrogen:Diazo coupling spectrophotometery
    Weight 150g
    Standard USEPA (20th edition)
    Power supply Two AA batteries
    Dimension (L×W×H) 160 x 62 x 30mm
    Certificate CE
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