Q-SD500 Chroma Portable Colorimeter

Q-SD500 Chroma Portable Colorimeter

Short Description:

Q-SD500 is a professional testing equipment for water color, with built-in standard curve, it avoid visual error effectively. It is compact, simple to operate, no need to add reagents, measure water samples directly, convenient and quickly.





It is suit for laboratory testing and the field work to test the chroma in many areas, such as drinking water, surface water, environmental protection and so on.


Stable and Accurate Test Results

Use the photoelectric colorimeter, adopt the platinum - cobalt color standard into the instrument. And it can eliminate detection errors caused by human factors and improve detection reliability.

Sophisticated and Reliable Core Hardware

High-precision instrument circuit, combined with imported high-precision colorimetric bottles, realized high sensitivity color detection, the resolution reaches 1 degree, fully meeting the demand for drinking water.

The Operation Process is Simple and Quick

Simple and convenient operation, no need reagents, complete colorimetric directly, the instrument can display the results directly in 1~2 second.And not require special maintenance and can be used normally for a long time.

Easy and Compact to Carry Around

All the instruments and accessories needed for testing are packed in the carrying case . No special maintenance, compact, easy to carry, support custom calibration.

Support to Calibrate Standard Curve

Stable equipment performance, combined with built-in normalized curve, provide reliable test results and support for custom calibration, simple calibration operation.

Suitable for High Turbidity Samples

It is fully equipped and equipped with a simple and fast filtering device for the pretreatment of high turbidity sample detection, eliminating the influence of turbidity on color detection.


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  • Detector Silicon photodiode
    Lamp Light emitting diode (LED)
     Precision ±3%
    Testing range 5-500
    Power supply Two AA batteries
    Dimension 160 x 62 x 30mm
    Weight 150g
    Operating conditions 0 to 50 °C ; 0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)


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