T-6800 Multi-parameters Portable Colorimeter

T-6800 Multi-parameters Portable Colorimeter

Short Description:

T-6800 multi-parameters water analyzer is a powerful, reliable professional portable analytical instruments, In-set a number of parameters, simple operation, fast testing, just press zero and then add reagent kits, press read then display concentration visually.




It is widely used in water supply, environmental protection, public health, water treatment and other areas of the wild field, on-site water testing and treatment in emergencies.



Professional colorimetric bottle with better optical property and higher stability.

Over 68 default test procedures, supporting doing test directly with special reagent kit.

Built-in 7 wavelength,Supports calibrate with other reagents.

Adopted the scattering method and high-resolution color into the instrument, the turbidity detector resolution reaches 0.1NTU and the color resolution reaches 1 degree, achieving accurate measurement of low turbidity and high precision color requirements in measurement needs.

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  • Wavelength Default wavelength: 420nm/470nm/380nm/600nm/620nm/520nm,white light,can be extended wavelength
    Display 3.5 inch TFT colorful screen display
    Accuracy ±0.4% (with 4% of transmissivity)
    ±0.004 at 0.3A (absorbance).
    Resolution 0.001A(display),0.0001A(calculation)
    Memory Supporting 1,000 groups of data and PC data management software
    Power Supply Four AA batteries
    Certificate CE
    Test Items pH, color, turbidity, free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, ozone (DPD), ozone (indigo France), oxygen consumption, ammonia (Nessler), ammonia (acid), nitrite, nitrate, fluoride, chloride, total hardness (HR), magnesium hardness (HR), calcium hardness (HR), sulfate, total alkalinity, hexavalent chromium, total chromium, volatile phenol, iron, manganese (oxime France), manganese (high potassium iodate France), aluminum, chlorine (HR), chlorine (LR), total hardness (LR), magnesium hardness (LR), calcium hardness (LR), dissolved oxygen, nickel, copper, cyanide, silicates, sulfides, phosphorus, phosphate, zinc, CODcr (LR), CODcr (HR), reactive oxygen species, cyanuric acid, iodine, bromine, titanium, lead, barium, hydrazine, molybdenum, molybdates, hydrogen peroxide, sulfite, boron, formaldehyde, cadmium, silver, beryllium, trivalent chromium, cobalt, potassium, urea,total nitrogen
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