T-CP40 Portable Colorimeter for Drinking Water

T-CP40 Portable Colorimeter for Drinking Water

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T-CP40 Water Quality analyzer is a powerful, reliable performance of special water quality analysis equipment, integrated the turbidity, residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, color and other conventional water quality parameters. It can meet the needs of water quality tests with smaller investment. Instrument is equipped with 3.5-inch colorful display, simple and reasonable design brings an excellent user experience, not only meet the need of daily water quality testing, but also can extend testing items according to regional needs. Compact and easy to carry, simple to operate, fast speed and accurate.




Special Designed for the drinking water analysis .

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The unique design of the optical system, adopted the scattering method, the detector resolution reaches 0.01NTU, achieving accurate measurement of low turbidity requirements.

Fusion Sinsche’s solid strength to detection of disinfectant over the years, it realizes daily routine inspection of water quality testing program, combines intelligent software control, it can identify automatically and switch the corresponding wavelength after the project selection.

The combination of precision technology, adopted high-resolution color, the color resolution reaches 1 degree, meeting the needs of detection for drinking water.

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  • Operate mode Absorbance, Concentration
    Test items Standard Set:Free chlorine,pH,Chroma,Turbidity,Chlorine dioxide
    Extend Set:Free chlorine,pH,Chroma,Turbidity,Total chlorine, Iron,Manganese,Ammonia nitrogen, Nitrate, Chlorite, Choride,Nitrite nitrogen,Chlorine dioxide,Hexavalent chromium,Active chlorine
    Precision ±3%
    Lamp Light emitting diode (LED)
    Calibration mode Support
    Power supply 4AA alkaline batteries
    Operating conditions 0 to 50 °C; 0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)
    Storage conditions -25 to 50 °C(instrument)
    Dimensions(L×W×H) 265 × 121 × 75mm
    Weight 630g
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