T Series Multi-Parameters Colorimeter

  • T-6800 Multi-parameters Portable Colorimeter

    T-6800 Multi-parameters Portable Colorimeter

    T-6800 multi-parameters water analyzer is a powerful, reliable professional portable analytical instruments, In-set a number of parameters, simple operation, fast testing, just press zero and then add reagent kits, press read then display concentration visually.

  • TB-2000 Turbidimeter

    TB-2000 Turbidimeter

    The integrated algorithm of scattering and transmission not only makes the measurement of low turbidity more stable, but also realizes wide testing ranges for the instrument (low, middle and high measuring ranges).Precise design of optics systemand signal amplification technique ensure the stability of date with high sensitivity.

  • T-SP80 Pooltest Portable Colorimeter

    T-SP80 Pooltest Portable Colorimeter

    T-SP80 specially designs for the swimming pool which used to test the necessary inspection item in pool such as urea, free chlorine, pH and so on. and it is the first instrument to test urea without water bath in the world. It realized testing and inspection on site for the advanced test technology for urea, no need water bath, fast and convenient, five minutes can get the result.

  • T-CP40 Portable Colorimeter for Drinking Water

    T-CP40 Portable Colorimeter for Drinking Water

    T-CP40 Water Quality analyzer is a powerful, reliable performance of special water quality analysis equipment, integrated the turbidity, residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, color and other conventional water quality parameters. It can meet the needs of water quality tests with smaller investment. Instrument is equipped with 3.5-inch colorful display, simple and reasonable design brings an excellent user experience, not only meet the need of daily water quality testing, but also can extend testing items according to regional needs. Compact and easy to carry, simple to operate, fast speed and accurate.

  • T-CL501C Active Chlorine Portable Colorimeter

    T-CL501C Active Chlorine Portable Colorimeter

    T-CL501C brings customers a new choice with the characteristics of simplicity, speediness, accuracy, etc. It is suitable for the on-site measurement or laboratory standard detection of available chlorine in the chlorination and disinfection of food factories, hospitals, sewage places, feeding centers, aquaculture, disinfection septic tanks, etc., and also the detection of the available chlorine content in the finished sodium hypochlorite solution and the sodium hypochlorite solution produced by the sodium hypochlorite generator.

  • T-AM Aquaculture Portable Colorimeter

    T-AM Aquaculture Portable Colorimeter

    T-AM is easy to operate, simple, fast, even without specialized laboratory-based person can master quickly. Meeting the measurement needs of marine farming in rivers and lakes, It is one of the most ideal instrument for modern monitoring and management in aquaculture.