TA-60 Intelligent Multi-function Water Analyzer

TA-60 Intelligent Multi-function Water Analyzer

Short Description:

TA-60 is a automatic Intelligent Multi-function water analyzer,it can analyze most of items which can be analyzed by the visible spectrophotometer. Combined Intelligent software with automatic function realized the automation for sampling, colorimetric analysis, calculation, quality control and cleaning. Thus it increases the testing efficiency and reduces the influence of human factor,which makes the analysis work become unprecedented convenient and reliable .




This instrument can perform quantitative analysis on samples in the visible light area, and is widely used in urban water supply, environmental testing, agricultural breeding, food inspection, life sciences and other fields.


Stable and Accurate Test Results

Automatic sampling and washing realized by peristaltic pump, Only 6s can obtained the result which improving the efficiency of colorimetry and relieve your working burden.

Sophisticated and Reliable Core Hardware

Automatic sampling protects the operators from touching toxic chemicals, the advantages of which are much more superior than traditional ways.

The Operation Process is Simple and Quick

Teflon tubing system ensures the cross-contamination rate is less than 1%, even the concentration difference ratio between samples reaches 10, thus it’s much more reliable than rinsing cuvette by traditional ways.

Easy and Compact to Carry Around

Automatic calculation and graphics functions for quality control in testing help find out the abnormality in time, making the testing results more accurate.

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  • Operating Mode


    light source



    6 Wavelength (620nm、600nm、520nm、470nm、420nm、380nm)Supporting maximum 15 wavelength for extending requirement Support extending wavelength :≤15


    Chlorine,Chlorine dioxide, Hexavalent chromium, Ammonia Nitrogen, Nitrate, Nitrite,Sulfate, Aluminum, Iron, Manganese, Sulfide, Phosphate,Formaldehyde, Silicate,Fluoride, Chloride, Boron, Dissolved oxygen and COD, Copper, Ozone…etc





    Working condition

    Temperature: 0 to50 °CRelative humidity: 0 to 90%(noncondensing)

    Storage condition

    -25 to 60°C(instrument)

    Power supply

    a.c 220V ±10% , 50 - 60H z ±1H z


    7 inch touching displayResolution: 800 x 480mm

    Colorimetric cuvette

    Titanium alloy flow cell

    Data port

    Support mouse, keyboard


    Support external printer

    Dimension (L×W×H)

    280 x 315 x 380mm

    Data Storage

    50000 testing results
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