TA-98 UV Visible Spectrophotometer

TA-98 UV Visible Spectrophotometer

Short Description:

The fully upgraded TA-98 UV-Visible spectrophotometer is an intelligent, automatic photometer with a built-in powerful computer that automates the injection, colorimetric, calculate, QC and cleaning automation. Powerful QC functions achieve to monitor the operation, simple and direct operation of the program achieve to switch the “flow pool” and “cuvette” mode, the perfect combination of tradition and modern. It effectively improves the efficiency of the detection work, and greatly reduces the impact of human factors on the results of the analysis.





It is widely used in water supply, environmental protection, the CDC, atmosphere, the third party testing, chemical, industrial, scientific research institutions and other industries. It is one of the ideal quality testing instrument in the field of analysis testing, it is a necessary routine laboratory instrument.


Safe & Low risk

Automatic injection function significantly reduces the risk of laboratory personnel exposure to various types of hazardous chemicals. It is much more safe than traditional manual test mode.

Intelligent & Convenient

Calculate the standard curve automatic, the test sample displays the result directly, timely-data inquiry function, you can connect any printer to print out test results and data batch export.

Reliable Analysis Result

Automatic quality control drawing, with blank quality control chart, standard deviation of mean value quality control chart, plus standard recycle quality control map to ensure the accuracy of detection and easy to cross the blind test.

Time-saving & Efficient

The average test time is only 6s, greatly improve the detection efficiency. It is no longer a labor burden even if there are batch test sample.

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  • Optical System

    Halogen lamp & deuterium lamp, the wave length is adjust continuously from UV to visible


    190 - 1100nm self-regulation,

    Bandwidth Range

    2 ± 0.4nm

    Absorbance Range

    -0.301 - 3.000A

    Transmittance Repeatability


    Transmittance Test Range

    0.0% - 200.0%


    0%:≤0.2%, 100%:≤0.5%

    Sampling Method

    Support trace sampling automatically and normal cuvette

    Sample Volume

    0 – 10000μL

    Minimum Volume


    Power Supply

    a.c 220V ±10% , 50 - 60H z ±1H z

    QC Function

    blank quality control chart, standard deviation of mean value quality control chart, standard recycle quality control map

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