Common Problem For Swimming Pool Water Quality Detection


In the summer, the major swimming places have become a cooling place in the masses. The quality of water quality inspection of the pool is not only the most concerned of consumers, but also the object of the key inspection of the health supervision department.

Regarding the detection and management of swimming pool water, what problems do we often encounter?  Today, let's discuss!


Question 1: Increase the amount of chlorinated toxic agent, detect the remaining chlorine, no corresponding increase, what is going on?

There may be two reasons, the inspection sequence as below:

1. High ammonia concentration in water, The disinfectant that caused invested in priority is prioritized with the ammonia nitrogen to form compound chlorine, which consumes a large amount of chlorine,and the residual chlorine concentration in the water does not increase.At this time, you only need to pay attention to compound chlorine .If the concentration of compound chlorine meets the standard, it can also ensure the disinfection effect.

2. If the concentration of residual chloride is not high, it will be consumed that the investrated disinfectant is consumed. At this point, you need to continue to increase the amount of disinfectant dollars until the wake-saving amount.


Question 2: Why is the results of the swimming pool self-test results and regulatory authority?

Systematic error: Different models, different brands, different operators are detected, and there may be differences in results. When the results are small, it is normal.

When the results are different, they should be scientifically analyzed to find out the reason.

Make sure the simultaneous and the same location is sampled:simultaneous, the sample refers to the same moment, the pool water is different from the water quality of different time periods.In the same location, it refers to the same precise position. Different positions in the pool are different. When there is a difference in sampling locations, the difference in water quality data is also normal. The pool water is dynamically changed, when comparing the test results, it is necessary to detect the same water sample.

If it is simultaneously sampling at the same time, the test results should be repeated three times when the detection results are large, and the site can reproduce the site. In this process, you need to confirm the following points: Whether the operation process is incorrect, whether the drug is stored inappropriate or expired.

When the above problems are still not determined, the inspection instrument manufacturers can be contacted, and check under their guidance to ensure reliable detection data.


Question 3: The residual chlorine indicator is qualified, and the microbial indicator exceeds the standard, why?

The residual chlorine indicators and the microbial indicators are two independent indicators, and the two indicators do not have an inevitable relationship.

The disinfectant effect of disinfectants is related to the consolidated investment amount ,also correlated with the turbidity, pH of the pool.

The non-uniformity of the pool water, the sampling method is not a strict specification is also one of the reasons.


Question 4: What do you pay attention to when dealing with the first pool water?

A swimming pool that is not open for a long period of time, it is recommended to use a pipe cleaning agent and filter cleaning agent before cleaning the pool to remove the pool pipe and the filter, eliminate the pipe and the oil in the filter.

After the pool is cleaned, first use copper sulfate to spray the pool body and the wall with a solubility of 1.5mg/L or 3mg/L chlorine with a sprayer, and then the pool needs to be aired for one to two days and then filled with water , Which can extend the time to prevent algae growth.

When starting to fill the swimming pool, if the filling speed is slow, a small amount of disinfectant can be added when the pool is one-third full to prevent medium-growing algae.

Downstream swimming pools can be cyclically disinfected while filling water when the pool water is full of the backwater, and countercurrent swimming pools can be disinfected cyclically after being filled with water.  Note: Regardless of whether the flow is upstream or downstream, the filter must be backwashed before opening the cycle. (Avoid discharging the foul water accumulated in the filter for a long time into the swimming pool)

When adding disinfectant to the first pool of water, it is not advisable to add a large amount of disinfectant at one time, which will easily cause the pool water to change color. It is recommended to add a small amount for multiple times. Reasons: The water contains mineral elements, which are oxidized and discolored.(Incoming iron pipes, pollution of secondary water supply, etc. may cause the water to contain mineral elements. Deep underground well water is more likely to contain mineral elements.)

Post time: Jun-17-2021