• US-Series Intelligent Safe Reactor

    US-Series Intelligent Safe Reactor

    The US-type safe intelligent digestion reactor adopts the independent unit design of the operation area and the digestion area, and the reactor provide up to 8 parallel digestion units, supporting each digestion unit to work independently and simultaneously.

  • UC Bench-Top Multi-parameters Water Quality

    UC Bench-Top Multi-parameters Water Quality

    UC Bench-Top Precision Portable Multi-parameters Colorimeter adopts scattering and transmission integrated optical system. Original extinction technique to achieve “Low Noise” detection, which can realize water quality detection including turbidity analysis and colorimetric analysis. It can be widely used for various laboratory analysis including surface water, groundwater, drinking water, domestic sewage and industrial sewage etc.

  • UA Precision Portable Colorimeter

    UA Precision Portable Colorimeter

    Based on the colorimetric principle, the UA Precision Portable Colorimeter adopts high-precision filter system and two-color ABS injection shell, which have an great improvement in optical performance and waterproof rating. The analyzer can be widely used in laboratory and field water quality detection, Such as monitor the residual disinfectant in the disinfection process of municipal water supply, sewage treatment and other industries.

  • D-50 Automatic Diluter

    D-50 Automatic Diluter

    Dilution operation is a common chemical experiment operation, which is often used to prepare standard curve series solutions, or to prepare high-concentration solutions into low-concentration solutions.

  • TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer

    TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer

    TA-201 Bench-Top sodium hypochlorite available Chlorine Analyzer brings customers a brand new choice with the characteristics of simplicity, speed, accuracy, etc. It is suitable for water plants, food plants, hospitals, sewage plants, breeding centers, aquaculture, sterilized septic tanks, etc. Laboratory standard testing of available chlorine in chlorination disinfection, and testing of available chlorine content in finished sodium hypochlorite solution and sodium hypochlorite solution produced by sodium hypochlorite generator.

  • TA-60 Intelligent Multi-function Water Analyzer

    TA-60 Intelligent Multi-function Water Analyzer

    TA-60 is a automatic Intelligent Multi-function water analyzer,it can analyze most of items which can be analyzed by the visible spectrophotometer. Combined Intelligent software with automatic function realized the automation for sampling, colorimetric analysis, calculation, quality control and cleaning. Thus it increases the testing efficiency and reduces the influence of human factor,which makes the analysis work become unprecedented convenient and reliable .

  • S-series Safe Reactor(S-100/S-200)

    S-series Safe Reactor(S-100/S-200)

    The S-series Safe reactors are powerful thermostat using unique double-locking,explosion-proof safety cover design,transparent splash protection lids close the thermostat while it is heating.

    S series digesters can meet the needs of different digestion scenarios. S-100 with 24 digestion holes and S-200 with 36 digestion holes which can meet different laboratory testing applications. The reactors support the 16mm diameter vials which is suitable for more digestion setting and very flexible.

  • S-10 Safe Reactor

    S-10 Safe Reactor

    S-10 Safe reactor is a portable electric thermal safety reactor, liquid samples digested within 200 ℃ were isothermally digested.

  • H-9000S Heavy Metal Security Scanner

    H-9000S Heavy Metal Security Scanner

    H-9000S combines the Anodic stripping voltammetry with the intelligent analysis software,making the scanning more safe and quickly,you can know whether the heavy metal in the drinking water are excessive within one hour.

  • Q-1000 Portable Turbidimeter

    Q-1000 Portable Turbidimeter

    The algorithm of 90° scattering which not only makes the measurement of low turbidity more stable, but also realizes wide testing ranges for the instrument (low, middle and high measuring ranges).Precise design of optics systemand signal amplification technique ensure the stability of date with high sensitivity.

  • Q-CL501B Free Chlorine &Total Chlorine&Combined Chlorine Portable Colorimeter

    Q-CL501B Free Chlorine &Total Chlorine&Combined Chlorine Portable Colorimeter

    Q-CL501B portable colorimeter is a detection instrument that can detect free chlorine, total chlorine, and combined chlorine. It is also a real portable instrument which is suitable for field work as it has light weight and external batteries. Default standard curve and EPA based methods ensure the accuracy of testing result, thus it can be used in laboratory testing.It is widely used in the field of water disinfection monitoring.

  • Q-CL501P Chlorine&pH portable colorimeter

    Q-CL501P Chlorine&pH portable colorimeter

    Q-CL501P is special designed for the testing of free chlorine in drinking water pool water and wasted water and the test of pH in lower turbidity and chrominance in drinking water and source This instrument uses the colorimetric detection principle to replace the traditional visual colorimetry. Elimination of human error, so the measurement resolution is greatly improved.

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