TB-2000 Turbidimeter

TB-2000 Turbidimeter

Short Description:

The integrated algorithm of scattering and transmission not only makes the measurement of low turbidity more stable, but also realizes wide testing ranges for the instrument (low, middle and high measuring ranges).Precise design of optics systemand signal amplification technique ensure the stability of date with high sensitivity.




It can be widely used in city water supply, food and beverage, the environment, health care, chemical, pharmaceutical, thermoelectricity, paper-making, aquaculture, biotechnology, fermentation process, textile, petrochemical, water treatment and other areas for fast test and laboratory standard test of water quality.

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It has two kinds of methods to detect turbidity: scattering method and transmission method.

It is suitable for laboratory testing and outdoor field testing. And supplied power by alkaline battery and USB.

Large TFT display screen supports both Chinese and English.

Supports PC connection, convenient for data processing.

Supports USB, ensuring the effectiveness of data storage and sharing.

Owns internal storage capacity for 1000 groups of data.

The turbidity detection technology used in this instrument has obtained invention patents in both China and the United States.

Using the original technology to correct the deviation caused by the abrasion of the sample container and improve the detection accuracy. And equipped with calibration solution, convenient for customers to calibrate the instrument.

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  • Dimensions(L×W×H)

    229 x 107 x 77mm


    Silicon photoelectric diode

    Stray light



    ± 1%

    Measurement range



    0.01NTU  (0-9.99NTU)

    0.1NTU   (10-99.99NTU)

    1NTU    (100-1000NTU)

    Power supply

    4AA alkaline batteries

    Communication interface



    1000 groups of data

    Operating conditions

    0 to 50 °C; 0 to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)

    Storage conditions

    -25 to 50 °CInstrument

    PC software

    Support (Data Management)



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